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We offer many ways to be sustainable and friendly to our environment - electronic billing, electronic accounts payable, eco-friendly lawn treatments, EPA Water Sense Partner for irrigation, LEED Accredited Professional, rain water harvesting… We also sort and recycle paper, plastic, glass, cardboard, metal, used engine oil, and organic wastes generated or collected by our company. We are always open to discussing more ways to Go Green!

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Why is it important to test your backflow device?

What the danger?

Let’s think about what’s in our yards… worms, grass, roots, fallen leaves, fertilizer, treatments, bugs, bunnies, and dogs. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to drink any of those leave-behinds.

The valves that turn your irrigation system off and on don’t prevent water from coming into your pipes. It would make sense that the pressure that propels water over every inch of your lawn would prevent it. But ah-ha! What if that pressure drops for just a few seconds? Backflow, my friends.

It’s not a regular occurrence, but it happens more often than you may realize. When pressure drops, it’s water’s natural tendency to regulate by drawing it from the other direction. That would draw the aforementioned debris into your potable water supply where they would become contaminants to you.

What stops it?

There are a variety of backflow prevention units. They’re all designed to prevent water from being drawn into a residential or city water supply. A series of rubber valves and springs open and close to ensure water only moves in its intended direction, away from the water supply. It is crucial to keep your backflow preventer working properly and have it inspected annually. Between inspections, you can spot problems with the device if it seems to regularly spit water or leak. In that case, call a certified technician immediately.

Our technicians

All of our irrigation team members are registered with the Iowa Department of Public Health, as qualified Backflow Prevention Assembly Testers. To learn more about our Certified Backflow Technicians and, irrigation and fountain specialists click here.

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