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We offer many ways to be sustainable and friendly to our environment - electronic billing, electronic accounts payable, eco-friendly lawn treatments, EPA Water Sense Partner for irrigation, LEED Accredited Professional, rain water harvesting… We also sort and recycle paper, plastic, glass, cardboard, metal, used engine oil, and organic wastes generated or collected by our company. We are always open to discussing more ways to Go Green!

Lawn Care & Treatments

Conventional vs Poly Coated Program

The Conventional 5 Step program is a good basic program which covers the needs of the turf. The five steps include 3 fertilizer applications and 2 weed control sprays. The fertilizer is a conventional product, meaning it releases the nutrients to your lawn when activated by a water source such as rain, irrigation, or mechanical watering. When those nutrients are released, the grass plant will soak up as much as it can through its root system. If the water source is very rapid or the root system is already saturated, the grass may only be able to absorb 70-80% of the nutrients from the fertilizer. The remaining nutrients will be lost to runoff. The grass plant will use up the nutrients right away and create a burst of growth and dark green color. Over the next month, those levels of nutrients quickly reach zero and another application of fertilizer is needed to feed the grass plant.

The Poly Coated 4 Step program differs from the Conventional in that it utilizes a slow-release, poly coated fertilizer product. Unlike the conventional product, this fertilizer is not activated simply by water but instead is slowly released through diffusion. During the week following the application, warm soil temperatures allow the polymer coated granule to absorb moisture from the ground. Inside the polymer coating, the nutrients and moisture combine to create a solution which will be slowly released over several months through miniscule openings in the polymer coating. The effect is a daily dose of nutrients to the grass plant in smaller amounts. The grass plant is therefore able to absorb 100% of the nutrients resulting in less runoff of excess nitrogen, more consistent growth, and maintaining the desired dark green grass color for longer. And because the nutrients last for a longer period of time, only two applications are needed to cover the entire season. The following graph shows the levels of nutrients released to the grass plant over time.

Conventional Fertilizer Poly Coated Fertilizer

What remains the same between the two programs is the weed control (2nd & 4th Applications). Both programs include a pre-emergent at first fertilization, two full applications of spray broadleaf weed control between fertilizations, and spot spray of broadleaf weed control at summer fertilization.

Conventional Pros & Cons
  • Instant release at first introduction of water
  • Approximately 20-30% of nutrients are wasted
  • Lower nitrogen per ton
  • 3 Applications
  • Nitrates released from excess nitrogen
  • Burst of growth = add’l mowing, excess clippings
  • Runoff of excess nutrients
  • Less Expensive
  • Industry Standard
Poly Coated Pros & Cons
  • Slow release over approx. 120 days
  • Daily dose of nutrients is fully absorbed (less waste)
  • Higher nitrogen per ton
  • 2 Applications
  • Reduced overall lbs per season, reduces nitrates
  • No burst of growth, steady
  • No excess nutrients into run off
  • Initial cost is more per application
  • Leading edge of chemical industry

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