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We offer many ways to be sustainable and friendly to our environment - electronic billing, electronic accounts payable, eco-friendly lawn treatments, EPA Water Sense Partner for irrigation, LEED Accredited Professional, rain water harvesting… We also sort and recycle paper, plastic, glass, cardboard, metal, used engine oil, and organic wastes generated or collected by our company. We are always open to discussing more ways to Go Green!

Team Highlights

Backflow Prevention Certification

December 23, 2014 – RJ Lawn & Landscape is excited to celebrate the Backflow Certification of Edgar Zarate Pimentel and Tim Smith. Backflow Certification entails an entire week (40 hours) of hands on training; working with a variety of backflow prevention units, classroom style education, and concludes with a 100-pt exam.

Edgar has been serving our customers since 2004 while Tim joined our company in March 2014. Both have worked in a variety of positions during their time here but are now part of our irrigation specialist team.

“I have loved taking care of RJ customers for so many years mowing lawns. I am very proud to be in irrigation now and the opportunity to add new skills to my career.” - Edgar Zarate Pimentel

Backflow Prevention Certification

Better Service

Backflow prevention devices are required by law, to be tested annually. By certifying more of our irrigation team members, we will be able to reach our customers even faster during the busy spring season to execute start up and backflow prevention inspections at the same time. To read more about backflow prevention and devices, click here.

What they offer

As members of our irrigation team, these guys provide start-up, backflow prevention testing, mid-season checks, and shutdown/winterization. They also work on installation of new systems and making repairs to existing ones. They plan and program systems to ensure grass and plant materials receive the necessary amount of water required to keep them looking healthy and wonderful throughout the growing season, without wasting valuable resources. They stay on the cutting edge of growing trends in irrigation equipment and management with certification by the national Irrigation Association and as an EPA Water Sense Partner. To read more about our irrigation and fountain management, click here.

“I’m now considered a backflow expert and have a vast amount of knowledge on backflow and backflow preventers. I can answer any questions our customers have about them and why they’re important.” - Tim Smith

As we enter our 17th year serving the greater Des Moines area, we still take great pride in building relationships with our customers by offering excellent service in conjunction with a high quality product. RJ Lawn & Landscape holds itself to very high standards – from the appearance of our well maintained equipment and uniformed employees to the implementation of new ideas through constant continuing education in the various fields of our industry. We remain a full service lawn & landscape company providing complete services including: mowing, lawn treatments, irrigation maintenance and installation, grounds maintenance, landscape design and installation; fountains and pond service; snow removal; and outdoor furniture by Seasonal Concepts.

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